Specialist in All Kind of Rewinding of HT/LT Electric Motors, Generators, Transformers ETC.

About EMF Engineering

As a third-generation establishment, we have proudly served in this industry since 1951. Since 2017, our operations have been centralized along the national highway, catering to heavy-duty assignments across various sectors. Our expertise extends to projects with mega-watt capacities, offering quality rewinds and comprehensive motor management support. We take pride in our competitive rewinding rates, backed by a steadfast commitment to guaranteed quality workmanship.

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    Advantage in working with us

    Specialist in

    Service and Repair for AC Induction Motors and Generators

    Hi-Voltage Rewinds up to 13,800 Volts

    DC Motors and Generators up to 7,000 HP

    Lifting Magnet Repair

    Wound Rotor Rewinding

    Squirrel Cage Rotor Repair and Rebulid

    • 132KW Armature Commutator repairing
    • 315KW Induction Motor winding
    • 800HP convert from 6600V to 400V
    • 1500KVA Stamford Alternator Rewinding
    • Complete rewinding of SLIP-RING Rotor 800hp 6600Volts
    • Complete Rewinding of 800HP 6600V Slip Ring Motor Stator
    • 800HP 6600Volt Taco motor
    • 600HP 400Volts Slip Ring Motor testing by EMF Engineering
    • I
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    • 250KW DC motor Field and shunt rewinding
    • Field Coil making in progress 250KW DC motor
    • Check out the video on our YouTube channel
    • Fitting of fields in 250KW DC motor